Sunday, August 19, 2018

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

This Sunday we have our own Lori Poston preaching! Lori is filling in for Pastor Steve while he is away. We look forward to Lori's leadership through preaching! May the grace and peace of God through the Christ be with YOU! --P.Steve

Sunday School and Worship

​​​Sunday gatherings begin with a biscuit and coffee breakfast in the social hall at 9:15 am. During this time congregants connect with each other, and God... even if unaware! At 9:45 am we go to Sunday School. There is a class for everyone! In Sunday School participants learn and grow as they study the Bible and reflect on Christ together!

Worship begins at 11 am in the sanctuary. Our worship service is comprised of congregational singing, prayer, scriptures and reflection. We sing traditional hymns as well as upbeat contemporary choruses. Our practice of prayer includes spoken prayers as well as praying in silence. Sermons are derived through scriptures and are both challenging and thought provoking. Pastor Steve's style is confessional in style and conversational in form. Communion is observed the first Sunday of each month. We practice open communion, which means regardless of where or if you are a church member, if you are a Jesus follower we invite you to participate in communion with us!

Worship services here are geared to creating both space and intimacy for the worshiper to connect with God and other worshipers. Dress is diverse, so come as you are. You are both invited and encouraged to join us!

​Current Congregational Offerings to Help You in Your Journey

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Movies Worth Talking About

Movies Worth Talking About is a time for our community and friends to get together, eat food they probably shouldn't (pizza... but in moderation, of course) and watch a movie that is worthy of good conversation! Movies Worth Talking About will run all summer long! We'll view a different movie every week or so, with conversation that enriches the heart and soul following each movie!

This Friday -Friday, August 17th- at 6:00 pm we will watch Eat Pray Love. This is an inspirational true story about heartbreak, brokenness and healing. It is rated PG-13 and runs 2 hour and 21 minutes.We meet in the social hall for pizza and will begin watching the movie shortly thereafter. All of this is free, so why don't you join us! You'll be glad you did!

a baptist congregation at the virginia beach oceanfront

We welcome you as you seek to connect with the God of all grace and mercy.