Who We Partner With to Do Missions and Ministries that We Couldn't Do Alone

‚ÄčCooperative Baptist Fellowship

Atlanta, GA

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia

Richmond, VA

Baptist General Association of Virginia

Richmond, VA

Norfolk Area Baptist Association

Chesapeake, VA

A Baptist Congregation at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

A Word About Our Identity and Our Partners

Something About Us

We are a theologically moderate, little "b" baptist congregation that is a five minute walk from the Oceanfront. We are theologically moderate. To offer some perspective, moderate means we're not going to beat you over the head with the Bible (although we really like our scriptures, just not near as much as we like our Christ) and we're not going to burn your name in effigy if we learn you didn't recycle that empty water bottle (however you really should recycle... really.)

No, we are neither Fundamentalist nor liberal but somewhere in between the two. We're centered on Christ and we do church in a distinctly baptist kind of way. Little "b" baptist refers to the vision and principles of our baptist forebears. The phrase itself comes from theologian James William McClendon, Jr. For us being baptist isn't about a label or denominational brand but a vision that inspires our expressions of faith, and our faith shapes our lives.

We take Jesus seriously, and our reward for doing so is a deep realization that we are all sinners in need of grace. In living our relationship with God through Christ we seek to love, minister to, and affirm each person who enters this community regardless of race, creed, sexual identity or socioeconomic status. So every sinner is welcome, each and every one, for their sins are no better or worse than ours -and we all need healing. When we meet together we share with each other the very same grace that each of of us so desperately needs.